How To Smoke A Cigar - The Rated X Version

When I submitted the first post in these pages -"How To Smoke A Cigar"- for review, one of my friends from Propeller, gamahuche, commented that "a woman with a full sized cigar is very sexy." I never realized just how sexy a cigar-smoking woman is until I saw this short video:

Sultry and seductive, Devinn Lane introduces beginners to the pleasures of cigar smoking. The ash looks crumbly and the cigar's burn is uneven (it actually flared up on her), but I must admit she puffs beautifully and makes those excellent O smoke rings. And she does know how to light her cigar.

All right, enough said. Just taking a break. Cigar smoking is a purely decadent activity - solely for the pursuit of personal pleasure. Let's make your learning on how to smoke a cigar as pleasurable as possible. Go, have a cigar.

Clip from the adult movie "Vegas or Bust"(2000) starring Briana Banks, Bittany Andrews, Devinn Lane. Directed by Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures. (njiggy007 submitted this clip to YouTube).

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andrew said...

I have been smoking cigarets since I was able to put one in my two fingers. Iwas about 3 years old. My whole familey smokes my dad offered me on and I took it he lit it up and I started smoking. I smoke 3 packsof cigarets a day I am reallyaddicted. I hang out whith friends that do drugs like weed. Now I am doing it. I had to drop out of collage because I was to addicted to drinking, drugs, smoking. I am 21 now and I smoke 6 packs of cigarets a day. I love my smokes.

andrew said...
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Joseph said...

Please, Andrew...this is not the way to fight underage smoking.
I don't buy it.
Either you're too young to spell correctly or so uneducated it's impossible for you to put together a cohesive thought.
Any person smoking three packs (or six, as you claimed also) has too much spare time.
Please get a job and quit smoking cigarettes (note the spelling).

Anonymous said...
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