Cuban Cigars - The Lore of the Forbidden Fruit

The legendary Che Guevarra smoking a Cuban cigar

Since Adam, people have always been fascinated and obsessed with the proverbial "forbidden fruit." I was reminded of Cuban cigars and this "forbidden fruit" analogy the other day reading a favorite blog in Seduction Science. The forbidden fruit discussed there is obviously a different thing, but the concept rings true with the Habanas.

Montecristo, Cohibas, Romeo y Julieta, Quintero, and Hoyo de Monterrey - Cuban cigars all - are definitely among the best cigars in the planet today, all forbidden to the American cigar aficionado. Because of the US trade embargo on Cuban goods since Fidel Castro took over the island in the 1959.

Premium Cuban cigars are deservedly famous for their rich flavor, aroma, bouquet, and masterful blending and in the coming days we shall be posting our reviews of each of these brands in the "How To Smoke A Cigar" blog. Folllowing the forbidden fruit concept, part of the mystique and desirabilty of Cuban cigars comes from their being illegal in the US.

The embargo on Cuban cigars and the different ways people devise to get around it has become a part of the American lore. Heard of the Chicago wife who "befriended" her ex-husband to get the juice on his illegal importation of Cuban cigars? The feds got him. Prof. Zarakov is being politically correct when he tells his viewers not to smoke Cuban cigars.

The recent resignation of Fidel Castro (abdication, my friend Jake calls it) in favor of his brother Raul is a welcome development to many who hope that Cuba will finally move towards an open capitalist economy. If there's any good time to remove the restrictions on Cuban cigars, I'd say that time is now.

I mean hey, Americans pour in billions of dollars in capital investment to Communist China (and look what they're doing to the Tibetans). The US and Vietnam have diplomatic and trade relations now. Communist Vietnam - a country the US warred against in the last century! Why can't the US normalize relations or at least trade with Cuba?

The trade embargo on Cuba (and on Cuban cigars, in particular) is a throwback to the Cold War, a measure that served a purpose in its time but has now clearly run its course. As Cuba moves towards a full market economy under Raul Castro, it's about time the embargo is lifted and American cigar lovers be allowed to enjoy the exquisite Cuban cigars freely and legally.

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mathew said...

Thanks for the post. cuban cigars especially HDM Churchill are my favourite. Cuban cigars provide such fantastic taste and perfect burn from start to finish. The flavors are simply intense, with earth, spice and licorice building into a dense thick smoke. They have so much character that it is really easy for anyone to illustrate difference between a Cuban and non Cuban cigar.

jena said...

Thanks for the tips for smoking Cuban cigars well this is somewhat new smoking stuff for me.I had never tried this kind of smoking.

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Jaqlene Klum said...

I am a die-hard fan of the Cuban cigars and I totally agrees with you that when it comes to satisfy your taste buds its nothing better than some puffs of Cuban cigars.