How To Smoke A Cigar Video Reviews

In this digital day and age, any site aiming to provide step-by-step instructions on a certain process, like how to smoke a cigar for instance, is best enhanced by video clips showing the actual process. There are many examples of this in YouTube today, and many are in fact accurate, detailed, and highly-informative. We scoured the internet recently for these videos and here are three we found quite interesting:

"How To Smoke A Cigar"
By EdanZanders in YouTube
21 September 2006
Video Length: 2:46

This is one my favorite instructional videos on how to smoke a cigar. It's an ad for Padron Cigars but I think it genuinely captures the spirit of cigar smoking - slow, relaxed, taking the most pleasure out of the act. Sit back, relax, enjoy your cigar. Notice the expert cut using a guillotine cutter, the careful "toasting" of his cigar first before actually lighting and smoking the cigar, the long ash - indicating premium quality cigar, and the smoker's enjoyment of his cigar with his favorite scotch. The drink serves to complement and enhance the flavor of the cigar. This is how to smoke a cigar at its best.

"Smoking Cigar For the Upwardly Mobile Business Professional"
By Demantobe in YouTube
25 June 2006
Video Length: 8:14

This video was created as part of "course requirement for a master's degree program on training and development." Humorously presented like a TV commercial, it still manages to provide detailed, accurate, and well-organized instructions on cigar smoking. Well done, gents.

Ask Mr. Milo Presents: How To Smoke A Cigar
By MiloSteven in YouTube
Featuring: Stanley Zarakov, Cigar Aficionado
31 October 2007
Video Length: 3:51

This is an interesting "politically-clean" video on how to smoke a cigar. Smoking his favorite petit robosto, cigar aficionado Stanley Zarakov demonstrates with precision the steps in cutting, lighting, and smoking a cigar. Of course, his admonition not to smoke Cuban cigars because it's against the law (please see "embargo" and our recent article on the forbidden Cuban cigars) somehow strikes a nerve with this Montecristo lover.

We will be featuring more cigar videos in our next posts, so stay tuned. You can also read or review our popular "How To Smoke A Cigar" article for more information on this subject.

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candy said...

great blog for the beginners. yes i has now become a vogue that every company for its advertisement upload videos to you tube. it was a you tube video from which i came to know how to smoke a cuban cigar .